I honestly have no idea what to write.

… which makes for a terrible blogger.  It seems, at least to me, the height of folly to think that some random stranger would be keenly interested in what I had for breakfast (crackers) or other, similar minutiae.  Nevertheless, in order to keep in touch with beloved members of my self-appointed family and, perhaps, exercise a modicum of self-expression, here I am.  Blogging.  I’m ’bout 5 years behind the blog-train, but I still managed to board.

Hi.  I’m Leigh.  There’s not much else to that.  Sometimes I make things for http://jeshala.etsy.com and sometimes I play video games.  Sometimes I pet my cat.  I’m all home-stuck gimpy so don’t expect fonts of exciting content here.

I’m also self deprecating at times.  Blame it on the catholicism in my family.

L’anyhoodle, I’m certain that SOMETHING ought to happen, eventually, that warrants its own post.