The Daily Shiny — 1/31/12

Sometimes I make things based on sketches.

Sometimes it turns out

And sometimes I even finish them.

Energy levels, where are you?  I want you baaaaaaaack.

Ended up making more sketches tonight.  May even use those sometime, too.  For some reason, I haven’t made that many into actual pieces.  The ones I have, though, turn out pretty well.


The Not-So-Daily Shiny — 1/30/12

Busybusybusy weekend, plus I keep sleeping way too much.  Silly thyroid medicine being out anyway.

Man I didn’t realise I’d missed so many days.  Ended up swapping out the stone from the last post, mostly because I misplaced it.  Oops.

Still having difficulties, though, so nothing really on the table for tonight except to try and finish the project from the other day.  At least I am all full of sushi, courtesy of the best friend.

I’ll try and post tomorrow, super swear.

The Daily Shiny — 1/27/12

Spent a bit much time fiddling with designs, but I think this’ll turn out well.

Also I had a headache all. Fucking. Day.  Turns out that eating is conducive to not having a headache, though.  Who knew!


The healing properties of Nutella should be researched more. By me.

Didn’t leave me much time to make stuff, but I was rolling on post-brain-ache endorphins so I came up with the start of a pretty decent idea using a piece of bi-colored (!!) goldstone I picked up at a shop in Anoka, Minnesota ( Go there for SURE if you have the chance.  Good staff, great selection, LOTS of charms and clasps and stuff like that and their czech glass stuff is like 2/3 of what it is every other place I’ve seen).

E-bo-ny and i-vo-ry

The best thing to come out of Minnesota since Barker's Island.

I allllmost went with brass but enh.  Copper suits it better.  Man, I can’t wait to get back to that shop ❤  I swear I do actually go to MN to visit family and not, you know, just the bead store.  Honest!

Anyway, I’m experimenting with depth tonight.  Didn’t really get too far yet, but I’m not disappointed with ehere things are going at all.

Twinkly as shit.

It'll take a while but be 110% worth it. That's 10% more than worth it.

I’m not wholly sure what to do with the bottom right hand side there, but I’m sure it’ll come to me as things progress. Either way, it’s been fun so far.

The Daily Shiny — 1/26/12

Spent today at mom and dad’s just hanging out and didn’t return until late (apparently Eric had a bit of difficulty waking me up.  That’ll happen when I’m super comfortable and happy!), so all you get is another photo.  This one is the first piece I ever, ever made and gave to my mom.

The fateful piece that started it all

I'm not even embarassed by it!

Back in, oh, 2007, I was over at my friends’ place, Josh and Maria.  She liked to dabble in jewelry making and I liked to dabble in the idea that, someday, I’d make some myself.  Never did, though.  Was told when I was younger that I’d ‘never make any money doing it’ (my parents grew up destitute, so it took them awhile to get over Cares.  They’ve been nothing but supportive ever since I started this journey.).  Her supplies were out that day, though, and she asked if I wanted to learn a few tricks on how to make things.  Hell yeah, I did, so as the guys busied themselves with some form of shoot-em-up game that I can’t recall, she showed me the secret of how to make a bail and little curl, was told that the rest was just making little curves and placing beads there.  A couple days later, I dropped off the finish piece at my mother’s and hit up Michael’s for some supplies.

The rest is history.  I like to think I’ve gotten a bit better, but I’d also like to return to my roots sometime.  That little charm is pretty cute up there and, quite frequently, I’ll overthink things and try too hard to make every piece an intricate and difficult work rather than something as easy as breathing.  Every artist goes through a period in their growth where it feels like you’re not doing it right if it becomes too easy.

I wonder if Maria really knows how grateful I am to her for the gift she gave me.  Sure, I’ve told her, but because of that day, I have a source of income and self-expression that I never thought I’d ever have.  It’s something I can do on all but my most pain-filled days, even the ones where I can’t really walk.  My friends have come to be used to the idea that my beads come with me to parties and the like.

It’s all uphill from here!

The Daily Shiny — 1/25/12

Just a few things from around the desk today.

A few things

Not quite sure what to do with some of this stuff. Like the two faces.

Initially the faces were attached to a cuff bracelet, but I can’t quite get it to work again.  I always take suggestions, though, from my 2 listeners.

Found out I was Canadian today, at least 1/4 so.  My friend Krystal is now accusing me of having a flappy head.  Being that it was Polish-Canadian, friend Susan says it makes ‘a lot of sense’.  :((

Ugh, I’m just completely out of ideas for new things to make today.  Then again, I popped a stone on those earrings I re-did yesterday, which always just FULLY drops my mood right in the shitter.  It was my last one of the type, too, go fig.  It’s surprisingly difficult to find beads when you’re really looking in stores for them.


The Daily Shiny — 1/24/12

Just ended up re-doing the earring from last night.  It’s a LOT less dull and a lot less sloppily wrapped, though I don’t know if you can tell from the picture.


Finally, a reflective surface that doesn't look like someone's chewed on it.

Sometimes, I get really anal retentive about the smallest things, but I feel like yesterday’s attempt at this earring set came out amateurish and gauche.  To be fair, I feel that almost every time I make something.  This time, though, it really was something that could be done a lot more gracefully.

Not much else other than a simply strung copper bracelet and my cat hugging a bottle of pills.

It just had to be my oxycodone, didn't it?

Not pictured: Bottle of Jack Daniels

Tomorrow it’ll either be me working with copper, me stringing something, or shots from my big book o’ ideas.  Ooh, maybe I’ll actually USE one of my sketches to make something! IT IS A FUNSTRAVAGANZA ALL UP IN THIS BITCH.

The Daily Shiny — 1/23/12

Yay!  Second day in a row!  The pictures kinda suck today, though.

Remember this hot piece of action?


Hot piece of action.

I ended up sticking with just a necklace of sodalite and lapis chips instead of something SUPER FANCY and seed beaded.  It’s not the initial idea that I had, but I think I can live with that.  It’ll get on my website… eventually.

Today I woke up feeling like a human being.  A sweaty, drippy, disgusting human being.  So post-shower, I made a pair of earrings to match the hot piece of action above.  I’m considering re-doing them, but only to make the wrapping a bit neater.  Nothing fancy, so you get some pictures.

Step one

It starts with an idea!

Idunno I feel like I almost should go back to this instead of where I went.  So it goes.  Sometimes I undo things and redo them.  It’s not like it was impossibile to make, though.  That’s more sodalite up there.

I love these pearls so hard.

See where this is going?

Sorry about the quality of the pictures, but it’s just that kind of night.  Everything’s turning out sloppier than I intended.  Anyway, after a lot of swearing and a general sense of dissatisfaction with the outcome (though not the design)…

No fanfare here.

Not with a BAM but a whimper.

Iiiidunno.  I can do way better than this.  The non tarnish covering kept coming off and my hands were all sweaty so the metal was getting dull.  I know I can do better than this, and I probably will.  Tomorrow.

Oh lord, we ran out of cat food, so the cats are getting tuna tonight.  The hubbub in the apartment is just amazing.  Three cats, all of them singing the song of their idiotic cat people.

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