The Daily Shiny — 1/09/12

This one’s not for sale, for all the two people who’ve read this and may or may not be drooling over it.

Today’s blog was slow in the making, mostly because I’m at my parents’ domicile awaiting a rather painful set of back shots tomorrow. Which isn’t to say we haven’t had fun. It’s always bizarre around these people.


Mom's keepin' it real. Real short, real strange.

This picture makes her look exceptionally terrifying, but I assure you that she’s largely harmless unless she’s trying to light something on fire.

Anyway, I love the hell out of this woman and I owe her a Christmas present, so out came the work tools and all hundred thousand pounds of my travelling work supply.  At least this time I managed to pare it down to a svelte four boxes of beads and my trusty Caboodle full of metal.

A few months ago, thanks to a great sale at Eclectica Beads (a local establishment that should set up a cot for me in their stock room), I was able to pick up the most exquisite piece of jasper to make something for her.  3 bucks is a pretty big steal for something that looks this good.

Isn't she wonderful?

At least it's not a prostitute that looks good and is this cheap.

Trust me, it’s even lovelier than this picture suggests, as you’ll see in the higher def Finished Product Shot ™.  After quite a bit of fiddling around and even more swearing as the slippery jasper fired out of my hand at Mach speeds, breaking sound barriers and tweaking my back, I managed to come up with the beginnings of an idea.

Super neat!

See where this is going?

The hardest part by far was securing the whole thing so the $(*&ing jasper didn’t pop out and get wedged in the ceiling.  Or just fall on the floor.  Whatever’s more dramatic or annoying, it happened.  A lot of support tendrils went into the shaping of this piece and, yknow what?  It ended up working.  Six hours later and that puppy just ain’t moving.

The back hides a multitude of sins.

Not shown: The messy back of the piece, a chaos of wires wrapped around each other.

AND I’M SPENT!  Not this piece, but tons more, as usual, on and don’t be afraid to tell me how amazing I am for not breaking this thing in half for its rock-sass.


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