The Daily Shiny — 01/10/12

Not many pictures today.  Remember those painful back shots?  Yeah.  So I mostly did this instead.

Mom's cat Sassy.

Damn, Gina. This cat be so cute.

This enormous buttslut of a cat is Sassy.  She’s my mom’s.  Sadly, I had to leave her behind at mom’s as I went back home.  It’s cool, though.  Here the cats are paragons of modesty and quiet dignity.

She's super gray!

Oops, I guess I forgot that my cat, Keeten, is an unapologetic whore as well. That'll happen.

Anyway, using 18 gauge wire from , I cut and formed a pair of semi-circles, using the topmost part of my bottle of painkillers as a handy little mandrel.

Not too shabby!

The amethysts have a prescription for those pills, though why is the picture all soft like a Jefferson Starship video?

Ultimately, I do have a plan, but instead I’ll give you this lovely diagram rendered in finest MS Paint using some of the skills I went to college for.

So majestic, yet so wicked awesome.

Can you believe I used to get paid to do graphics? Probably, since it's evident I am no longer in a place to give a rat's ass.

Wait a minute…



What has my craft wrought?  I NEVER SHOULD HAVE PLAYED GOD!

Anyway, that’s as far as I got.  Between the back shot and the case of the painful lung-butter, I think my time is best spent resting up.


I'm even too weak to get the hermetically sealed and welded together pair of bottles to dislodge from their packaging. Not even dignity will keep me from my NyQuil at this point.

All three of you reading this should tell people to visit and pay for more nyquil, or perhaps I’ll get super fancy and hook myself up with some mucinex.


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