The Daily Shiny — 01/12/12

So far I’m totally sucking at this working every day thing.  Especially when it’s really frustrating.

I really hate briolette wrapping.

Shown above: really frustrating.

Also, on top of what is actually bronchitis probably and chest x-rays and a ton of blood tests today, I need to see a rheumatologist for whatever the hell my body is doing to itself!  I’m so happy!

Anyway, what this means is I am far too emotionally drained to do much more than what you see above.  I did finish one of the earrings and will have full documentation of the process tomorrow and, hey, this weekend I’ll actually be at home.  Who knows what wonders will appear since there’s also a half off sale at Eclectica and all this crap going on?  I really need a present.  Until then, behold one of my older works from the summertime.

It's not real turquoise!

I may have to try this design again.

As always, blah blah money go to and art go to and I go to bed because I am pretty sure that when Dr. Rakowski said ‘rest a lot’ she didn’t mean ‘keep throwing amethyst briolettes across the room and screaming.’  A spoiler for tomorrow though: I eventually overcame my difficulties and the final product is looking to turn out smashingly.  Because I’m smoove.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. MSgt B
    Jan 14, 2012 @ 09:22:32

    Holy Cow!
    You’re talking non-stop now.
    I’m moving you from the weekly to the daily read list. I’m falling way behind.
    Sorry I missed you on my latest blogroll addition list. I had no idea you had found your Muse and developed a case of verbal diarrhea.
    Lovin’ the jewelry posts. I spent a couple years apprenticed to a Silversmith (mumblemumble) years ago.
    Hope you’re feeling better soon!


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