The Daily Shiny — 01/14/12

That’s right, I totally skipped to this nasty post.  Call it Ms. Jackson if you, too, are nasty.

So my uncle Bob died on the 13th here.  He was pretty awesome and one of my favorite people so I spent the day largely moping.  I DID manage to finish my little project, though, after a fashion.

Aw hell, internet, reading about retro gaming systems (isn’t Atari technically an antique by now? D:) is not helping to get my crap posted in the least.  Stop talking about Metal Storm, Leigh.

Stop playing MajorMUD Leigh.

Okay.  When we last left off, I was giving the bird to a pair of briolettes.  Finally, though, I managed!  I am queen!  I actually wrapped them.  Messily, but I’m going to say that’s the look I’m going for here.  Had to untangle the chains, first, though.

Another couple hours lost.

Oh sure I love spending hours untangling stuff!

However, I did manage enough to pull this together.  I like how the amethysts go past the silver a bit.

It only took hours.

Totally intentional look, I swear.

The pearls cover up a world of hurt.  Tears.  Sweat.  Swearing.

You may notice that the horseshoes are somewhat flat now.  Maybe not.  My cameraphone sucks.  But that’s ’cause I got me a lil’ hammer and anvil.

Who wants some smitin'?

Why yes, I am impressed with my own wit.

It’s time to start the majority of wrapping at this point.  Even though my diagram turned out to summon a demon from the deepest pits of hell, it was still a decent idea.

Durp durp durp

This still took less time than the friggin' briolettes.

Then my parents made me meatloaf and rice-a-roni.  My dad’s meatloaf surpasses all things great and small.  If there’s one thing that upper midwesterners will do if there’s a crisis, it’s cooking all the things.  I’ve yet to be able to replicate the sublime loaf my father can put together, though.



After getting our chow on and heckling Project Runway, I got down to business a little more and finally, after all this time, I bring you:

Thank the LORD

And I didn't once throw anything across the room.

Finally!  Finally they are on etsy!  Finally I can rest!  Here they are in all their glory (?).  Now to rest with my nebulizer.

It won't get you high.

I feel like the floor of a taxi cab and look about as worn.




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. MSgt B
    Jan 15, 2012 @ 09:46:34

    I can’t stop giggling. (Which is pretty embarassing, all things considered.)

    You’ve been bookmarked and blogrolled.

    The nebulizer photo is awesome. *giggle*


  2. Car
    Jan 17, 2012 @ 16:26:56

    If only my ears were pierced :/


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