The Daily Shiny — 1/19/12

We’ll just say that yesterday I joined the blackout.  In a way, I did.  The last couple of days have kind of been hazy.  Not entirely unproductive, though, as I did manage to get a bracelet done.  Still, I guess ‘daily shiny’ is a little misleading with how little I’ve been around lately, even though I have a good reason.  A few good reasons.

It being 2F is doing NOTHING for my lungs.  All my food tastes like nebulizer.

Bitching aside, here’s the goodies.  Awhile back, I picked up some nifty foil beads from Michael’s (as much as I hesitate to go there over other privately owned establishments).  Instantly, it gave me an idea of what to do with them which is always a handy thing.  Otherwise it’s simply my beader’s magpie tendancies makin’ me buy shiny stuff.


Cortney thinks they look like cinnamon jolly ranchers. Arri says 'jello squares'.

Making links out of these is not so difficult.  It just involves making headpins and finding something to join them.  In this case, I also had the perfect czech crystals on hand.

Stupid unique beads.

They're so perfect that I haven't been able to find any ever again. Crap.

Little blurry, but hopefully you get the idea.  Nifty little clear, orange and red things.  If only finding more online were simple (fire mountain’s selection is actually kinda limited on the unique stuff).

I also took lengths of non tarnish brass wire and made random squiggles in it, being careful to make each one as distinct as possible.

Check out that shine.


Each of these got hammered gently and affixed to the red foil beads, the whole thing getting strung into a chain like so:


I have the soft, delicate hands of a cat owner that does craft work.

Put the whole thing together, throw a clasp on it and BAM!  Like magic, what you get is an entire bracelet

And only two days after the last post.

TRUMPY! You can do MAGIC things!

I’ll edit the post to put in the etsy link later on after I get the pictures off of my card and edited, but yay!

Sorry again to my three readers for the delay.


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