The Not-So-Daily Shiny — 1/22/12

I’m slowly getting better.  Every day is a little better than the last, and I’m not quite sleeping as much.  Was supposed to go out with the best friend today but my lungs still sound like I have custard in them.

Ever since the last post, I’ve been working on a necklace to match the bracelet, and I’m quite pleased with the result of my ingenuity (why does that sound so uppity?  Does it sound uppity? I think it does).  I had to get a little creative with supplies but the end result is nifty-nift.

So I started out doing the same thing as with the bracelet, albeit a bit ham-handedly.  Albuterol gives me the shakes.


The S is for Sucks

Yeah, I redid that one.  Anyway, I wanted to link them together in a unique way, but am running low on chain (not out — I had enough for finishing this).  When digging around in my stuff, I found the perfect solution:


More sparkles than the music video for Dream Weaver.

It wasn’t QUITE enough, though, to put enough space between the delicious looking candysquares.  Needed somethin’ more.

Mix 'n match

I really hope that bracelet wasn't worth anything! I've had it forever.

A few hours later, after I was done spacing out to Deep Space Nine and detangling the links (they had a habit of doing so), I finally put the whole thing together.

A demi parure

It's a demi-parure! How fancy.

Sorry about the utter lack of comedy in my updates lately, as well as the sparseness.  I’ll get there.


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