The Daily Shiny — 1/24/12

Just ended up re-doing the earring from last night.  It’s a LOT less dull and a lot less sloppily wrapped, though I don’t know if you can tell from the picture.


Finally, a reflective surface that doesn't look like someone's chewed on it.

Sometimes, I get really anal retentive about the smallest things, but I feel like yesterday’s attempt at this earring set came out amateurish and gauche.  To be fair, I feel that almost every time I make something.  This time, though, it really was something that could be done a lot more gracefully.

Not much else other than a simply strung copper bracelet and my cat hugging a bottle of pills.

It just had to be my oxycodone, didn't it?

Not pictured: Bottle of Jack Daniels

Tomorrow it’ll either be me working with copper, me stringing something, or shots from my big book o’ ideas.  Ooh, maybe I’ll actually USE one of my sketches to make something! IT IS A FUNSTRAVAGANZA ALL UP IN THIS BITCH.


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