The Daily Shiny — 1/25/12

Just a few things from around the desk today.

A few things

Not quite sure what to do with some of this stuff. Like the two faces.

Initially the faces were attached to a cuff bracelet, but I can’t quite get it to work again.  I always take suggestions, though, from my 2 listeners.

Found out I was Canadian today, at least 1/4 so.  My friend Krystal is now accusing me of having a flappy head.  Being that it was Polish-Canadian, friend Susan says it makes ‘a lot of sense’.  :((

Ugh, I’m just completely out of ideas for new things to make today.  Then again, I popped a stone on those earrings I re-did yesterday, which always just FULLY drops my mood right in the shitter.  It was my last one of the type, too, go fig.  It’s surprisingly difficult to find beads when you’re really looking in stores for them.



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