The Daily Shiny — 1/26/12

Spent today at mom and dad’s just hanging out and didn’t return until late (apparently Eric had a bit of difficulty waking me up.  That’ll happen when I’m super comfortable and happy!), so all you get is another photo.  This one is the first piece I ever, ever made and gave to my mom.

The fateful piece that started it all

I'm not even embarassed by it!

Back in, oh, 2007, I was over at my friends’ place, Josh and Maria.  She liked to dabble in jewelry making and I liked to dabble in the idea that, someday, I’d make some myself.  Never did, though.  Was told when I was younger that I’d ‘never make any money doing it’ (my parents grew up destitute, so it took them awhile to get over Cares.  They’ve been nothing but supportive ever since I started this journey.).  Her supplies were out that day, though, and she asked if I wanted to learn a few tricks on how to make things.  Hell yeah, I did, so as the guys busied themselves with some form of shoot-em-up game that I can’t recall, she showed me the secret of how to make a bail and little curl, was told that the rest was just making little curves and placing beads there.  A couple days later, I dropped off the finish piece at my mother’s and hit up Michael’s for some supplies.

The rest is history.  I like to think I’ve gotten a bit better, but I’d also like to return to my roots sometime.  That little charm is pretty cute up there and, quite frequently, I’ll overthink things and try too hard to make every piece an intricate and difficult work rather than something as easy as breathing.  Every artist goes through a period in their growth where it feels like you’re not doing it right if it becomes too easy.

I wonder if Maria really knows how grateful I am to her for the gift she gave me.  Sure, I’ve told her, but because of that day, I have a source of income and self-expression that I never thought I’d ever have.  It’s something I can do on all but my most pain-filled days, even the ones where I can’t really walk.  My friends have come to be used to the idea that my beads come with me to parties and the like.

It’s all uphill from here!


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