The Daily Shiny — 1/27/12

Spent a bit much time fiddling with designs, but I think this’ll turn out well.

Also I had a headache all. Fucking. Day.  Turns out that eating is conducive to not having a headache, though.  Who knew!


The healing properties of Nutella should be researched more. By me.

Didn’t leave me much time to make stuff, but I was rolling on post-brain-ache endorphins so I came up with the start of a pretty decent idea using a piece of bi-colored (!!) goldstone I picked up at a shop in Anoka, Minnesota ( Go there for SURE if you have the chance.  Good staff, great selection, LOTS of charms and clasps and stuff like that and their czech glass stuff is like 2/3 of what it is every other place I’ve seen).

E-bo-ny and i-vo-ry

The best thing to come out of Minnesota since Barker's Island.

I allllmost went with brass but enh.  Copper suits it better.  Man, I can’t wait to get back to that shop ❤  I swear I do actually go to MN to visit family and not, you know, just the bead store.  Honest!

Anyway, I’m experimenting with depth tonight.  Didn’t really get too far yet, but I’m not disappointed with ehere things are going at all.

Twinkly as shit.

It'll take a while but be 110% worth it. That's 10% more than worth it.

I’m not wholly sure what to do with the bottom right hand side there, but I’m sure it’ll come to me as things progress. Either way, it’s been fun so far.


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  1. MSgt B
    Jan 29, 2012 @ 07:43:38

    I’ve seen the Nutella stuff, even heard people rave about it, but I can’t get up the nerve to try it for myself.

    Oh, and the jewelry is really nice looking too. (I need to stop reading blogs on an empty stomach)


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