The Not-So-Daily Shiny — 1/22/12

I’m slowly getting better.  Every day is a little better than the last, and I’m not quite sleeping as much.  Was supposed to go out with the best friend today but my lungs still sound like I have custard in them.

Ever since the last post, I’ve been working on a necklace to match the bracelet, and I’m quite pleased with the result of my ingenuity (why does that sound so uppity?  Does it sound uppity? I think it does).  I had to get a little creative with supplies but the end result is nifty-nift.

So I started out doing the same thing as with the bracelet, albeit a bit ham-handedly.  Albuterol gives me the shakes.


The S is for Sucks

Yeah, I redid that one.  Anyway, I wanted to link them together in a unique way, but am running low on chain (not out — I had enough for finishing this).  When digging around in my stuff, I found the perfect solution:


More sparkles than the music video for Dream Weaver.

It wasn’t QUITE enough, though, to put enough space between the delicious looking candysquares.  Needed somethin’ more.

Mix 'n match

I really hope that bracelet wasn't worth anything! I've had it forever.

A few hours later, after I was done spacing out to Deep Space Nine and detangling the links (they had a habit of doing so), I finally put the whole thing together.

A demi parure

It's a demi-parure! How fancy.

Sorry about the utter lack of comedy in my updates lately, as well as the sparseness.  I’ll get there.


The Daily Shiny — 1/19/12

We’ll just say that yesterday I joined the blackout.  In a way, I did.  The last couple of days have kind of been hazy.  Not entirely unproductive, though, as I did manage to get a bracelet done.  Still, I guess ‘daily shiny’ is a little misleading with how little I’ve been around lately, even though I have a good reason.  A few good reasons.

It being 2F is doing NOTHING for my lungs.  All my food tastes like nebulizer.

Bitching aside, here’s the goodies.  Awhile back, I picked up some nifty foil beads from Michael’s (as much as I hesitate to go there over other privately owned establishments).  Instantly, it gave me an idea of what to do with them which is always a handy thing.  Otherwise it’s simply my beader’s magpie tendancies makin’ me buy shiny stuff.


Cortney thinks they look like cinnamon jolly ranchers. Arri says 'jello squares'.

Making links out of these is not so difficult.  It just involves making headpins and finding something to join them.  In this case, I also had the perfect czech crystals on hand.

Stupid unique beads.

They're so perfect that I haven't been able to find any ever again. Crap.

Little blurry, but hopefully you get the idea.  Nifty little clear, orange and red things.  If only finding more online were simple (fire mountain’s selection is actually kinda limited on the unique stuff).

I also took lengths of non tarnish brass wire and made random squiggles in it, being careful to make each one as distinct as possible.

Check out that shine.


Each of these got hammered gently and affixed to the red foil beads, the whole thing getting strung into a chain like so:


I have the soft, delicate hands of a cat owner that does craft work.

Put the whole thing together, throw a clasp on it and BAM!  Like magic, what you get is an entire bracelet

And only two days after the last post.

TRUMPY! You can do MAGIC things!

I’ll edit the post to put in the etsy link later on after I get the pictures off of my card and edited, but yay!

Sorry again to my three readers for the delay.

Daily Shiny — 1/16/12

Yeah, I’m not having an easy time of this illness thing, so all I got is this:


This took me three hours!

I ended up breaking a string of gold seed beads that were going to go with this and I’m TRYING to get it to not look stupid but I’m just… it’s not happening tonight. Instead, you get this .gif.


Zoobity bop

‘But Leigh,’ you might ask. ‘You didn’t post step by steps.’ Trust me, seeing me lose my shit at beads the size of the human ova is not pretty. The scene that unfolded when the string broke was truly unfortunate.

I do hope everyone understands the difficulties I’ve been having. Oh, I can post a picture of something I made in the past! Yeah! I forgot!

My favorite necklace ever made

I'm glad a friend owns this.

The Daily Shiny — 01/15/12

Same as it ever was.  Spent today resting, mostly, and finishing another piece.  Usually, I don’t like repeating a pattern.  It feels like I’m cheating.  However, I’m starting to think that shying away from something inherently nice and versatile might be detrimental to my learning curve.  Therefore I bring you Mom’s Piece 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Cut a hole in the box.


Put your jewelry in that box.


I’m not leaving it at this, though.  This time (my mother declined when I offered the same to her), I’m going to make another full necklace.  My idea is pretty outside of my comfort zone and also will probably result in much swearing and gnashing of teeth, for I plan on employing: seed beads.  fffff.  Anyway, my idea is either going to rule or suck.  Here is a pallette for it at least (I probably spelled that wrong (I probably don’t care)).

Not a really solid idea

I never said they were GOOD ideas.

Feelin’ kinda crappy so I think I’ll call this a night.  Maybe sit in my new papasan.

Not a chance


The Daily Shiny — 01/14/12

That’s right, I totally skipped to this nasty post.  Call it Ms. Jackson if you, too, are nasty.

So my uncle Bob died on the 13th here.  He was pretty awesome and one of my favorite people so I spent the day largely moping.  I DID manage to finish my little project, though, after a fashion.

Aw hell, internet, reading about retro gaming systems (isn’t Atari technically an antique by now? D:) is not helping to get my crap posted in the least.  Stop talking about Metal Storm, Leigh.

Stop playing MajorMUD Leigh.

Okay.  When we last left off, I was giving the bird to a pair of briolettes.  Finally, though, I managed!  I am queen!  I actually wrapped them.  Messily, but I’m going to say that’s the look I’m going for here.  Had to untangle the chains, first, though.

Another couple hours lost.

Oh sure I love spending hours untangling stuff!

However, I did manage enough to pull this together.  I like how the amethysts go past the silver a bit.

It only took hours.

Totally intentional look, I swear.

The pearls cover up a world of hurt.  Tears.  Sweat.  Swearing.

You may notice that the horseshoes are somewhat flat now.  Maybe not.  My cameraphone sucks.  But that’s ’cause I got me a lil’ hammer and anvil.

Who wants some smitin'?

Why yes, I am impressed with my own wit.

It’s time to start the majority of wrapping at this point.  Even though my diagram turned out to summon a demon from the deepest pits of hell, it was still a decent idea.

Durp durp durp

This still took less time than the friggin' briolettes.

Then my parents made me meatloaf and rice-a-roni.  My dad’s meatloaf surpasses all things great and small.  If there’s one thing that upper midwesterners will do if there’s a crisis, it’s cooking all the things.  I’ve yet to be able to replicate the sublime loaf my father can put together, though.



After getting our chow on and heckling Project Runway, I got down to business a little more and finally, after all this time, I bring you:

Thank the LORD

And I didn't once throw anything across the room.

Finally!  Finally they are on etsy!  Finally I can rest!  Here they are in all their glory (?).  Now to rest with my nebulizer.

It won't get you high.

I feel like the floor of a taxi cab and look about as worn.



The Daily Shiny — 01/12/12

So far I’m totally sucking at this working every day thing.  Especially when it’s really frustrating.

I really hate briolette wrapping.

Shown above: really frustrating.

Also, on top of what is actually bronchitis probably and chest x-rays and a ton of blood tests today, I need to see a rheumatologist for whatever the hell my body is doing to itself!  I’m so happy!

Anyway, what this means is I am far too emotionally drained to do much more than what you see above.  I did finish one of the earrings and will have full documentation of the process tomorrow and, hey, this weekend I’ll actually be at home.  Who knows what wonders will appear since there’s also a half off sale at Eclectica and all this crap going on?  I really need a present.  Until then, behold one of my older works from the summertime.

It's not real turquoise!

I may have to try this design again.

As always, blah blah money go to and art go to and I go to bed because I am pretty sure that when Dr. Rakowski said ‘rest a lot’ she didn’t mean ‘keep throwing amethyst briolettes across the room and screaming.’  A spoiler for tomorrow though: I eventually overcame my difficulties and the final product is looking to turn out smashingly.  Because I’m smoove.

The Daily Shiny — 01/11/12

Yeah, after an hour of trying to wire wrap a briolette for the earrings, the ol’ bronchitis and I gave up for the night.


I don't think I know anyone who can do this very easily.

Instead, today, you get a picture from my archives of finished pieces.  This one I made a couple years back on vacation in New Mexico and am still pleased with how wonderfully it turned out.  My friend Betsy owns it now and made an entire necklace for it that I wish I had pictures of.

It hurts how awesome this is.

If only I could churn out something like this as quickly as I did more often...

Time for bed, my intrepid and patient readers. Hopefully tomorrow will net more work once the pain from my caudal steroid shots and my lung butter dies down.  The two should never, ever play together.

And you should play on or which is where my archive of photography and stuff is as well as ancient pieces.

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