The Daily Shiny — 2/2/12

Got my sculpy supply in the mail today!  I’ve missed you, claaaaay!

The gold is the best color

Leaves and the start of somethin' I hope turns out. It's kinda above my level of expertise.

My hands are all pink now, but fortunately I started working with the red stuff exclusively after making the leaf.  A bit of messing around and I got the idea for a phoenix necklace centerpiece.

Definitely not a turd

Forming the body.

It's a start.

Just look at that fine beak.

He looks mad

And that graceful plumage!

I’m now considering whether or not to make the wings out of clay or to work them out of metal.  I DO want them to be somewhat detailed and am hoping I can pull this off ’cause sure as sugar I have NOT done something like this… ever.

Keep your fingers crossed, folks.  It’s kinda typical for me to jump into the deep end as far as projects go.  Likely I’d make far more money (AT HONK HONK) if I could just churn stuff out instead of constantly attempting to top myself. Practice makes perfect that that almost doesn’t count as practice when I do that.

There’s a lot of my past pieces at but not the whole kit ‘n caboodle.  Someday I should update it, but the lack of interest there is staggering, especially if you don’t glue a gear on something or form it into a rough key shape.  Not that gears don’t make interesting additions to certain pieces!  They’re really cool as links in a necklace!  Just… y’know, steampunk, blah blah.  Kinda gladdish that fad is ending.  Too many people were dissecting perfectly functional antique watches in order to glue the gears onto plastic shit from oriental trading.  Anything I took was from broken stuff.  THAT IS BECAUSE I AM BETTER THAN YOU!

Someday I’ll even use the gears.  Cascading, they’d look astounding.  Don’t think any of the chinese resellers quite do things like that.  For a good laugh about resellers, look up ‘love birds’ on etsy and count the number of times someone claims to have it be an original design (the original was a winner of a contest once), a stay at home mom, or a real hardworking artist.  Then cry into your diet coke with me because they’ve made thousands of times the sales I’ve made.


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