The Daily Shiny — 2/3/12

Spent today post-back-shot working on the phoenix.  Reworked it a couple of times, but always in an upward direction.

Breakin' the law!

Still trying to figure the beak out, but now his belly is colored. Birdbelly!

Decided to add more feathers and details.  It’s been slow going.  Lots of my inspiration came from though I’m not very into the idea of directly copying people.  No matter how much the internet loves carbon copies of the same kind of jewelry and patterns.

He has 'flair' and 'zazz'

Fixed the beak some, added a few more feathers.

And more feathers

Kinda went a little more crazy with it.

I added more texture than that, even, but didn’t get a picture before bed.  Tomorrow, I’ll post more.  I’m hoping to add a swooping tail to cover up the fact that I have 0 idea on how to do bird feet in polyclay that won’t completely get bitched up or look stupid.  It’ll be longer ‘feathers’, swooping down from the back and under the wing and down a bit  Till trying to figure out if I just want to have one wing outstretched to the left to hook onto a chain or to do two wings.  Might have to dick with photoshop somewhat in order to figure out what I want to do.  Definitely I want it to be dramatic.  Also I’m hoping to add some details with black permanent markers after baking for that charred look.  So far, though, so good!  Here’s hoping I don’t fuck it up because it’s my first project and I’m way, way in over my head.


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  1. MSgt B
    Feb 05, 2012 @ 08:01:47

    More! More!


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