The Occasional Shiny — Leap Year Edition!

I’ll blame the leap year for my artistic predicament.  Fortunately, a bit of time with the BFF Lana and her daughter, my niece, Olli, has been good therapy for the ol’ muse muscle.

Also the Best Cat

Check out that awesome kid. And that awesome person's foot.

Apparently she’s started collecting shiny rocks somewhat recently (a hobby I fully approve of) and wanted to share some with her absolute favorite aunt ever (Me!  She told me so!  OMGYAY).

Christ, no wonder why people make insipid mommyblogs.  I could brag about this smurf-faced toddler for AGES.  She opens her mouth and the most effed-up things fall out.

Anyway, we decided to use them to collaborate on a project!  A bracelet!

Stones 'n shells

I'm thinking of adding charms to it over time because I am a ridiculous sucker and hypocrite about disliking gooshytalkin' over kids.

We also made food together.  And played legos.  She also told me a story about a horse named Number 17.


Y’know, sometimes inspiration comes from just about anywhere.  Lana and I were hanging out in her kitchen, chit-chatting, when I noticed her awesome tea service.

It was chipped 10 minutes later.  Oops.

See the little curly thing pointing towards the top?

It even has lil beady lookin’ things on the side.

Potential name: tea set.  Potential colors: blue and white.

Sadly, I have to wait to finish it until I get home to my hammer and anvil.

The phoenix is still coming together bit by bit.  I’ve been taking apart bits and putting them back together and ugh.  Plus this coming month is absolutely INSAAAAAAAAANE.  A ~super secret thing~ for my mom’s birthday in just over a week, people coming to stay at the house at the end of the month, a million things in between like doctors appointments.

OH OH I did forget to show off my ridiculous Tuscon Gem Show booty:

Happy birthday to me!

Eventually I'll get close-up pictures.

Now tell me where I put half of this crap >_<  It’s been one of those years.  Fff.

Few more projects on the table.  Time will tell and, hopefully, the ol’ winter depression will let up enough to keep me productive.  Either that or I’ll start mainlining pictures of my ridiculously cute niece and her equally adorable slut-cat.


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