The Real Deal

Guess who’s back

Back again

Jesha’s back

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Stop.  Agate time.

Everyone report to the workroom…

This is by far Not All I Have Done Lately, but it’s what I did tonight.  A vacation, a medication fix, and some good friends later and I am actually producing once more.  No step by step this time, didn’t think of it, but o man maybe later this week (doing Things and Doctors for mothers’ day and after) I will dick with my macro lens.

Until then…


Tell me of your homeworld, Usul.

Idunno. May have shinies soon. Been saying that for months, but the brain is a pernicious thing.

I was stumbling around the interwebs and came across a mostly neat little entry at

Mostly. There are a couple hilarious little tidbits that make me peer over my nonexistent glasses, arch an eyebrow, and wonder ‘how’s the suburbs, Nancy?’

7. A healthy Hawaiian breakfast – I couldn’t imagine Hawaiians eating anything but fruit to be honest. Of course, there’s the bagel but I’m sure they’d burn the energy from that off in a few minutes on their surf board anyway.

13. An Italian breakfast – a nation too fabulous for heavy breakfasts me thinks. Or maybe they’re saving themselves for a big cheesy pizza lunch and a pesto pasta dinner? (Although there’s nothing wrong with having them for breakfast you know)

Seriously? She can tell you perfectly straight about the chow down in Belize or Mongolia, but when it comes to Hawaii, she thinks they just eat a plate of fruit? Or LOL ITALIANS AND PIZZA AMIRITE?