I can’t seem to go to wordpress’s main site without some ridiculous popover of a blank frame covering half of the screen, including all of my useful options.

Anyway, happy new year and all.  I am still working on the thing for my aunt.


Though I suppose that’s not too far removed from

Yeah yeah I know it doesn't match entirely.  My aunt insisted I use these stones.

Only, you know, secured.  There’s more done than you think.  Like I actually have it secured to my wrist now!  Just not oxidized or anything.  That’s about it, though.  Maybe it’ll be done soon.

You’d also think I’d have gotten therapy for the depressionings I’ve been bitching about on here.  Did you know that secretaries at psych offices can be total assfaces when telling you that they’re booked on patients after sounding sweet when they initially ask you to hold so they can look at their files?  It’s true.  Totally made me feel like I was being rejected personally.  Likely not, but, y’know.  Feels and shit.

In closing, have a copy of the blinding perfection that is my senior picture.





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