The Daily Shiny, 2013!

Sound the alarms, because I am finally on the last stretch of working on the bracelet for my dearest Auntie Alice.  It’s only taken me two friggin’ years what with all the requirements shifting around, the need to learn new skills, the fact that PMC fucking dries out like you wouldn’t believe or breaks WAY TOO EASILY when you least expect it.  Also, I had to mount the central ruby upside down because it was so deeply and unusually cut and I had NO way of learning to make prong settings like that x-@

It's pretty great.

Really, I just wanted an excuse to use this.

So without further adieu, check this shit.




Right now, it is sitting in a delicious container of egg yolks in order to achieve a certain amount of antiquing and a probable smell that I’ll need to do something about.  I don’t even know, maybe I’ll like have it hang out around some potpourri, and who the hell doesn’t like hanging out with some nice potpourri?  I had to put glue over the pearls temporarily so they don’t discolor, but I’ll just peel that off when everything is done marinating or what have you.  Somewhere, I have some liver of sulfur, which supposedly would be quicker than this, but I actually LIKE Eric and I don’t want to stink him out of the house too badly.  Well, no moreso than I do when I eat copious garlic.

Copious Garlic is my new-wave band, just so you know.

But yes!  Praise me!  And I will try to post the finished product tomorrow, god willing.


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