Haha I was so bad at Lent.

The idea was this lent that I was going to make two pieces a day. Instead, I got sick.
Story of my life.
Anyway, I’m at least working on the phoenix clay project again (sculpy stays pliable over a year’s time! It’s awesome!) and trying to center myself. It’s been really stressful.
So I had a disability hearing the other day, again. At least the judge and my attorney were amazing, but the vocational specialist said that I could work at a ‘sedentary, non impact job like ‘electronics factory’ or ‘cafeteria worker” and they’d totally let me take all the time I need off for doctors and lie down whenever necessary, no problem. He said I could lie down ‘in my car (which we’d discussed that I do not have and cannot operate)’ or, here’s the kicker: ON THE BATHROOM FLOOR.
Sometimes I wonder what planet the 1% really come from. Anyway, yeah, I’m not dead or whatever.


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