Oooog (Yesterday’s Shiny)

I did make something yesterday.  It is part and parcel of a larger project that I’m hoping to make a necklace out of and also a bracelet.

Lining up the usual suspects.

Lining up the usual suspects.

Oooog effort is draining.  I’m fraught with mucus and talking to my darling Faith via gchat video thing.

Okay not much more detail, but my phone camera eats and camera camera means effort.

Okay not much more detail, but my phone camera eats and camera camera means effort.

Those are for later tonight, though.  If I don’t die of mucus poisoning.  Is that a thing?  I’m pretty sure it’s a thing, since I have so much of it coming out of my everything right now.



Kidding.  That was just floating around my tool box because, hey, I’m not immune to money making any more than the next jeweler.

I see you, Keeten.  You won't steal this one.

I see you, Keeten. You won’t steal this one.

I used a bit of scrap wire to measure off the chain and snip it accordingly.

I used a bit of scrap wire to measure off the chain and snip it accordingly.

And, after a fashion, I had earrings!



Okay back to suckling nyquil and hoping to God dinner arrives soon because I sure as sugar am not getting up if I don’t have to.







Consecutive Daily Shinies?!

Say it ain’t so!

Tonight was a rather simple weaving project, one I’ve indulged in before.  Perhaps, had we not gone to see The Hobbit, I’d have had adequate time for a larger or more intricate project.   That movie was friggin’ long, though, leaving us worn out and possibly sporting bed sores or at least butt blisters (is that what bedsores are?  I fear googling any ailment).  Still worthwhile, especially with my dad and mom and Eric making sideline commentary the entire time.  It’s a wonder mom didn’t get us kicked out of the theater with her threatening to sell painkillers to get tickets to Les Mis instead.

The streets of Whitefish Bay are hard, y’all.

Oooog.  Must come up with charming captions for pictures.  Hard to brain.  Too many beards in the movie.  Oh!  Yeah!  I actually took a lot of process pictures this time!

Aren't they beautiful?  I lose so much time simply staring at my twinkly things.

Aren’t they beautiful? I lose so much time simply staring at my twinkly things.

At first, I considered using that sunstone that’s half-assedly wrapped (the upside-down tear in the second cell from the left in the middle), but I’ve a more specific idea for that later on that I just did not feel like getting into tonight.  The road to the Lonely Mountain was treacherous enough to leave me wanting the familiar.  See the filigree’d piece, third cell from the left in the middle?



After staring blankly at it, then, then it for a good ten minutes, however, I just wasn’t feelin’ the faceted round goldstone.  Goldstone and copper is a total love story, however.



It seemed a better building point.  I suppose what I end up doing with these pieces is something like a mandala.  In that, y’know, it is one.  But not round.  What are the criteria for something to be a mandala these days?  Repetition?  Circular-ness?  It being a good and hipstery word?

Ahhh, yes, labradorite, my old, dear friend.

Ahhh, yes, labradorite, my old, dear friend.

Whomever discovered labradorite?  Thanks.  You’re my favorite being.

Well it certainly is pointy.

Well it certainly is pointy.

That’s where it ended, though.  Truth be told, I still feel like I could’ve done better.  Smaller gauge wire, for instance.  Maybe better filling of the ‘negative space’.  It also helps to know WHAT I’m trying to do with this.  Bracelet?  Earring?  Pendant?  Hey, if anyone wants to tell me what to do with it, by all means.  All great artists steal, after all, or something.

In closing, I am so, so sorry that I’m far too sleepy to photoshop Gloin in on something, or maybe a beard.





Daily Shiny — 1/5/13

Despite popular belief, this is not a cat toy.

No, seriously, I need that.

No, seriously, I need that.

Anyway, I didn’t take enough during-the-process pictures, but I’ll get back on that.  Y’know, eventually.  Mostly it was difficult because Keeten kept stealing the pieces.

Keeten, I’m serious, stop or I’m calling the cops.

She kept grabbing it with her damn teeth and running away.  Someone is punchy today.

Anyway, it was a productive evening.  I took a Lake Michigan waterfront stone and wrapped it up, using topaz, silver, and glass.  The necklace itself has uh… wtf did I put on there.

Oh yeah!  Topaz, silver, glass.  Then on the chain is sea opal, fluorite, and moonstone.

Oh yeah! Topaz, silver, glass. Then on the chain is sea opal, fluorite, and moonstone.


The back turned out well enough for it to be reversible!

Anyway, it’s finished!  Maybe I’ll do more!

I hope.  I’m on a new thingie for my supposed fibromyalgia.  It’s supposed to help the pain stuff and act as an anti-depressant.  Man, I’m open on here about crap.  Try not to blackmail me, y’all.  I’m just hoping it means less of the ol’ hillbilly heroin because oh man do I hate oxycodone.

The Daily Shiny, 2013!

Sound the alarms, because I am finally on the last stretch of working on the bracelet for my dearest Auntie Alice.  It’s only taken me two friggin’ years what with all the requirements shifting around, the need to learn new skills, the fact that PMC fucking dries out like you wouldn’t believe or breaks WAY TOO EASILY when you least expect it.  Also, I had to mount the central ruby upside down because it was so deeply and unusually cut and I had NO way of learning to make prong settings like that x-@

It's pretty great.

Really, I just wanted an excuse to use this.

So without further adieu, check this shit.




Right now, it is sitting in a delicious container of egg yolks in order to achieve a certain amount of antiquing and a probable smell that I’ll need to do something about.  I don’t even know, maybe I’ll like have it hang out around some potpourri, and who the hell doesn’t like hanging out with some nice potpourri?  I had to put glue over the pearls temporarily so they don’t discolor, but I’ll just peel that off when everything is done marinating or what have you.  Somewhere, I have some liver of sulfur, which supposedly would be quicker than this, but I actually LIKE Eric and I don’t want to stink him out of the house too badly.  Well, no moreso than I do when I eat copious garlic.

Copious Garlic is my new-wave band, just so you know.

But yes!  Praise me!  And I will try to post the finished product tomorrow, god willing.


I can’t seem to go to wordpress’s main site without some ridiculous popover of a blank frame covering half of the screen, including all of my useful options.

Anyway, happy new year and all.  I am still working on the thing for my aunt.


Though I suppose that’s not too far removed from

Yeah yeah I know it doesn't match entirely.  My aunt insisted I use these stones.

Only, you know, secured.  There’s more done than you think.  Like I actually have it secured to my wrist now!  Just not oxidized or anything.  That’s about it, though.  Maybe it’ll be done soon.

You’d also think I’d have gotten therapy for the depressionings I’ve been bitching about on here.  Did you know that secretaries at psych offices can be total assfaces when telling you that they’re booked on patients after sounding sweet when they initially ask you to hold so they can look at their files?  It’s true.  Totally made me feel like I was being rejected personally.  Likely not, but, y’know.  Feels and shit.

In closing, have a copy of the blinding perfection that is my senior picture.




The Real Deal

Guess who’s back

Back again

Jesha’s back

Tell a friend

Stop.  Agate time.

Everyone report to the workroom…

This is by far Not All I Have Done Lately, but it’s what I did tonight.  A vacation, a medication fix, and some good friends later and I am actually producing once more.  No step by step this time, didn’t think of it, but o man maybe later this week (doing Things and Doctors for mothers’ day and after) I will dick with my macro lens.

Until then…

The Occasional Shiny — Leap Year Edition!

I’ll blame the leap year for my artistic predicament.  Fortunately, a bit of time with the BFF Lana and her daughter, my niece, Olli, has been good therapy for the ol’ muse muscle.

Also the Best Cat

Check out that awesome kid. And that awesome person's foot.

Apparently she’s started collecting shiny rocks somewhat recently (a hobby I fully approve of) and wanted to share some with her absolute favorite aunt ever (Me!  She told me so!  OMGYAY).

Christ, no wonder why people make insipid mommyblogs.  I could brag about this smurf-faced toddler for AGES.  She opens her mouth and the most effed-up things fall out.

Anyway, we decided to use them to collaborate on a project!  A bracelet!

Stones 'n shells

I'm thinking of adding charms to it over time because I am a ridiculous sucker and hypocrite about disliking gooshytalkin' over kids.

We also made food together.  And played legos.  She also told me a story about a horse named Number 17.


Y’know, sometimes inspiration comes from just about anywhere.  Lana and I were hanging out in her kitchen, chit-chatting, when I noticed her awesome tea service.

It was chipped 10 minutes later.  Oops.

See the little curly thing pointing towards the top?

It even has lil beady lookin’ things on the side.

Potential name: tea set.  Potential colors: blue and white.

Sadly, I have to wait to finish it until I get home to my hammer and anvil.

The phoenix is still coming together bit by bit.  I’ve been taking apart bits and putting them back together and ugh.  Plus this coming month is absolutely INSAAAAAAAAANE.  A ~super secret thing~ for my mom’s birthday in just over a week, people coming to stay at the house at the end of the month, a million things in between like doctors appointments.

OH OH I did forget to show off my ridiculous Tuscon Gem Show booty:

Happy birthday to me!

Eventually I'll get close-up pictures.

Now tell me where I put half of this crap >_<  It’s been one of those years.  Fff.

Few more projects on the table.  Time will tell and, hopefully, the ol’ winter depression will let up enough to keep me productive.  Either that or I’ll start mainlining pictures of my ridiculously cute niece and her equally adorable slut-cat.

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